Concert and movie about Georg Ots in Cluj on 29 October, 2022.

On Saturday, at the direction of Radu Radescu, there was a concert-lecture dedicated to the life of the Estonian singer and actor Georg Ots. In between biographical narratives were musical pieces sung by bariton Cristian Hodrea. Including in Estonian, “Elu armastan sind” and “Saaremaa valss”.

The concert was followed by a biographical movie “Georg” (2007)

Both the concert and the film took place in the framework of the festival “Psihoanaliza si film”, that took place from 28 to 30 October, where psychologists help to interpret the movie scenes. Presentation of the movie “Georg” was supported by the embassy.

From left to right: actor Vlad Ivanov; bariton Cristian Hodrea; pianist Lelia Serafinceanu