History of Diplomatic Relations between Estonia and Romania



Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 26 February 1921 (see a copy of the relevant document) and restored on 13 September 1991.

Estonia opened its embassy in Bucharest in 2015. Before that, Estonia covered Romania from Warsaw. The first ambassador of the re-independent Estonian Republic was Peeter Reštšinski, who presented his credentials in 2000.From 2001-2005 Estonia’s ambassador to Romania was Aivo Orav, from 2006-2009 Ants Frosch from 2010-2013 Taavi Toom and from 2015 Eerik Marmei. Estonia’s first resident ambassador to Romania, Ants Frosch, presented his credentials to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on 10 September 2015. The current ambassador to Romania is Ingrid Kressel-Vinciguerra. She presented her credentials to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on 27 August 2019.

Estonia has two honorary consuls in Romania: Ingrid Cristea Vendelin in Bucharest since 6 July 2009 and Alexandru Bobe, the vice principal of the Ovidius University in Constanƫa. Estonia opened its honorary consulate at the Ovidius University in Constanƫa on 17 June 2018. The opening ceremony was attended by the prime ministers of Estonia and Romania.

The diplomatic representation of Romania in Estonia was handled by the Romanian legation in Warsaw from 1924 and by the legation in Riga from 1932. The first Romanian diplomatic envoy was Alexandru Florescu. The first Romanian diplomatic envoy (Minister plenipotentiary) residing in Estonia was Gheorghe Davidescu (1935-1939). From 1 May 1939 the Romanian ambassador in Helsinki was also accredited to Tallinn.

Romania opened its embassy in Estonia in 2016. Daniela-Mihaela Cămărășan, the first Romanian Ambassador residing in Estonia, presented her credentials to the President of the Republic on 1 November 2016. Before that, Romania covered Estonia from Helsinki.

In 2021 we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Estonia and Romania. You can look at the timeline from 1921 to 2021 at:

Estonian-Romanian diplomatic relations 100 – Bucharest (mfa.ee)