30 years after regaining independence – “we have a lot to be thankful for”

Prime Minister’s Office, 20 August 2021 –

Kallas remarked during the flag hoisting ceremony, that thirty years is a long enough time to start slowly forgetting the material difficulties of the first years of freedom and to sometimes critically ask, if this is the Estonia we wanted. “At the same time this is a short enough time, to remember with clarity the times at which we were narrowly lucky, the moments of insecurity and answer: yes, this is the type of Estonia we wanted. Secure, peaceful, stable, European, a little nordic, and quite unique.”

Prime Minister highlighted, that everyday news reminds us clearly, that nothing can be taken for granted. “We have a lot, which we have built, and for which to be thankful for, to keep and to further develop. Equal rights and opportunities for women and men. Everyone’s right to be critical and to voice their opinions.”

Kallas was hopeful that this fall, the schools, culture and the economy will remain open and Estonian people, supportive of each other, don’t have to limit themselves with the beautiful nature of their home country, but can yet again travel freely in the world, as we’ve gotten used to doing during the past 30 years.

“The spirit loves freedom, especially that of an Estonian. Of course we must remember, that freedom means responsibility, obligations toward others, their lives and freedom. Let’s be open, trust our scientists and compatriots, just as we trusted them thirty years ago, when we were working jointly toward the same goal,” said Kallas.

“Let us take care of each other, just as we take care of Estonia and her nature, because we can do and win everything together,” said the Prime Minister”

Photos from the flag hoisting and the 20 August memorial:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWrPzgn