Official measures against COVID-19 in Romania

Sunday 15.03.2020 to Friday 17.07.2020

President Klaus Iohannis declared the state of alert in Romania.

Official measures against COVID-19 in Romania:

  • Wearing a mask becomes mandatory indoors
  • It is mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. 
  •  Trade is partially reopened, shops with access to the outside can be reopened, parks, museums and personal care salons are reopened
  • The measure according to which the formation of groups of more than three persons is not allowed remains in force.
  • Professional athletes can resume their training camps in special conditions; sports competitions in this first stage are possible after June 1 in open air.
  • Amateur athletes can resume their activity only where individual sports are done and only outdoors; where there are sports facilities, access to the locker room is not allowed
  • As of 1st June, open-air concerts and other cultural performances with the participants of up to 500 persons can be organized as long as they are seated within a minimum distance of 2 meters between them.

Schools, kindergartens  and restorans will be closed.

As of 1st June, international rail and road traffic to and from Romania is partially resumed.

Many border crossing points have been temporarily suspended, see

Official source to call for recommendations and other information in Romania – 0800.800.35


Sunday 15.03.2020 to Friday 17.07.2020