An emergency situation has been declared in Estonia due to the pandemic spread of the coronavirus in the world.

From 17 March there will be a temporary restriction on entry to Estonia for foreign nationals who do not hold an Estonian residence permit or right of residence, or have family members in Estonia. Foreigners are allowed to transit Estonia on the way to their home country if they do not show symptoms of COVID-19. At the border control travel documents and medical symptoms will be checked.There are no restrictions on exiting the country.

We care about your and everyone’s health. For this reason and in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus and flu, we kindly ask you to seriously consider whether coming to the representation is essential, and refrain from doing so if you are not feeling well, suspect that you or a family member has become infected, or you or a family member has been in an area of the coronavirus epidemic in the past 14 days. Thank you for your understanding!

In addition to previous measures, restrictions on movement are in force in Estonia from 14 March in line with the emergency situation.

On 17 March 2020, applications for Schengen visas and long-stay visas to Estonia can no longer be submitted at representations and visa centres of external service providers. This also applies to Schengen visa applications that are processed by Estonia on behalf of another member state.

Further information

Official measures against COVID-19 in Romania

Sunday 15.03.2020 to Tuesday 31.03.2020

President Klaus Iohannis declared a state of emergency since Monday 16 March 2020.

Official measures against COVID-19 in Romania:

Romanians are not allowed to leave the house except for emergencies, current supplies, or to go to work. People over 65 are no longer allowed to leave the house (except until  11 a.m. if needed for medical procedures and shopping between 11-13))

Please find bellow the link with the declaration on declaration on own responsibility in English if you really have to go out:

The army will support the police to ensure compliance, and in the case of persons quarantined or isolated, electronic devices will be used so that they can be controlled.

Romania will close its borders for foreign citizens (with several exceptions).

Foreign citizens are forbidden to enter Romania’s territory unless they transit Romania through transit corridors organized through agreements with the neighboring states. By exception, the entry of foreign citizens belonging to the following categories is allowed on the territory of Romania:
a) are family members of Romanian citizens;
b) are family members of citizens of other EU Member States, of the European Economic Area, or of the Swiss Confederation, residing in Romania;
c) are persons who hold a long-stay visa, a residence permit or a document equivalent to the residence permit issued by the Romanian authorities, or an equivalent document issued by the authorities of other states, according to the law of the European Union;
d) are persons traveling in professional interest, evidenced by visa, residence permit, or other equivalent documents;
e) is diplomatic or consular personnel, personnel of international organizations, military personnel or personnel who can provide humanitarian aid;
f) are passengers in transit, including those repatriated as a result of granting consular protection;
g) are passengers traveling on imperative grounds (medical or family);
h) are persons who need international protection or for other humanitarian reasons.

Religious service will only be broadcasted via television or the internet.

Private liturgical / religious acts can be celebrated (baptism, weddings, funerals), in which a maximum of 8 people can participate, as well as the sharing of the sick believers at their home .

Schools will be closed.

Retail activities, products and services are temporarily suspended in the shopping centers where several economic operators operate, except for the sale of food, veterinary or pharmaceutical products and cleaning services.

Imposed a ban on sports, scientific, religious, cultural or entertainment events

The activity of dental medicine offices is temporarily suspended, except for emergency interventions.

All regular flights, bus rids and rail transport to and from Italy were suspended from 23 March.

TAROM airline announced the suspension of all domestic flights.

All persons who come to Romania from countries where at least 500 cases of COVID-19 infection are confirmed must be isolated for 14 days. For those people coming from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Iran, the institutionalized quarantine for 14 days is required.

The activity of service and consumption is suspended in restaurants, hotels, cafes and public places. Also, the fitness rooms and beauty salons will be closed.

Many border crossing points have been temporarily suspended, see

Official source to call for recommendations and other information in Romania – 0800.800.35


Sunday 15.03.2020 to Tuesday 31.03.2020